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Sri Ram
International School

Under the aegis of Sri Ram Educational Trust

Academic Infrastructure

A good school infrastructure can make all the difference in a student’s educational journey. It is an essential part of providing students with the best possible learning environment and opportunities to reach their potential. From classroom  that are well equipped with modern technology and resources to outdoor play areas, good quality furniture and access to extracurricular activities, good school infrastructure can create an atmosphere for success. School is the second home to the life of a child. It serves variety of functions in his/her life. From boosting confidence to teaching them the value of Educations, school mold a child’s life. Away from home school become the primary location for children. The students spend most of their time in schools. So a school infrastructure plays an important role in students life. A good infrastructure with adequate space makes it a desirable place for  students to study and make it a favourable environment for them. It makes it interesting and motivates them to come to school, which improves attendance and students interest in learning.

Sl. No Details No. Size
1 Area of the School Campus 01 8100 (Square Meter)
2 Built up Area 01 2787.08 (Square Meter)
3 Mathematics Lab 01 500 (Square Meter)
4 Computer Lab 01 600 (Square Meter)
5 Biology Lab 00 0 (Square Meter)
6 Chemistry Lab 00 0 (Square Meter)
7 Physics Lab 00 0 (Square Meter)
8 Library rooms 01 1205 (Square Meter)
9 Occupied Class rooms 08 500 (Square Meter)
10 Vacant class rooms 05 500 (Square Meter)
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